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One of the best parts about learning to code in Chicago was discovering the city's unbelievably warm and supportive community surrounding technology.  I've committed myself to helping grow and maintain that community in the hopes that the budding programmers of tomorrow will find themselves with just as fierce a support network.


I am particularly committed to increasing diversity in the tech community and helping women and other underrepresented groups feel like they have a voice in this field.  A good developer lifts other developers up.  A good community makes no one feel unwelcome.


I co-founded the new Chicago chapter of RailsBridge in 2014, and continue to co-lead the thriving organization that is committed to providing women with free (and fun!) opportunities to learn Ruby, Rails, and the basics of web development.  I also serve on the national RailsBridge Advisory Board.




I often work as an instructor for the local chapter of Girl Develop It, where I teach affordable classes that help introduce women to different languages and topics within technology.




RailsBridge        Chapter Site           Meetup Group         Twitter
Girl Develop It          Chapter Site          Meetup Group         Twitter
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