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Randle Browning interviews me about impostor syndrome in "How To Stop

Second Guessing Yourself IMMEDIATELY" on the Skillcrush blog.


A great write-up of Ancient City Ruby that focuses on my talk


"Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Scott, Dev Bootcamp" at Course Report


"Team Spotlight: Lauren Scott" on the Brad's Deals blog


"Dev Bootcamp Alumni Office Visits: Brad's Deals" on the Dev Bootcamp blog


"Oh, the Humanities: Reflections on Learning to Code with a Humanities Background" at Course Report


Read about the outreach initiatives I contributed to at Brad's Deals in "Giving Back to the Chicago Tech Scene" on the Brad's Deals Blog


"Lauren Scott to Speak at Full Stack Fest in Barcelona" on the Brad's Deals blog


Get my best picks for free ways to learn programming in "Learn to Code for Free: 18 Sites, Camps & Online Courses for App Building, Ruby, Java and More" on the Brad's Deals Blog


My Dev Bootcamp application video, in which I teach how to write a pantoum and talk about why I applied to DBC



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